โ€˜Young & Wildโ€™ Warriors Nearly Traded for Celtics Legend


Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics


Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics

Kevin Garnett had a Hall of Fame career and made history as a legend on two franchises. The Boston Celtics and Minnesota Timberwolves adore “The Big Ticket” because of his fierce demeanor on the court and his ability to galvanize teammates.

Garnett was the perfect competitor. Relentless in his quest for victory while holding his teammates accountable for their level of professionalism and commitment. โ€œHe’s a great player. Everyone knows it. But as a teammate? They don’t come any better than KG, โ€Chauncey Billups said in an interview with NBC Sports Boston.

Unfortunately, Garnett’s intense desire to win was not satisfied during his time with the Timberwolves, which ultimately led him to Boston in the summer of 2007. Of course, what happened during The following season is now common knowledge, as the Celtics big-three hoisted a banner in the rafters, and Garnett’s decision to leave the Timberwolves was justified.

Yet an unknown part of Garnett’s story was how close he was to joining other league teams, most notably the Los Angeles Lakers, before signing with the Celtics.

โ€œGarnett had reservations about playing in Boston, even after speaking to Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge. Partly that’s because before making a final decision, he wanted to speak with Kobe. The only problem: Bryant was on tour in China for Nike and, from Garnett’s perspective, didn’t care to discuss a future as teammates, โ€wrote Michael Pina following a recent interview with Garnett for GQ Magazine.

However, it looks like the Lakers weren’t the only team vying for Garnett’s signing during this fateful offseason.

Garnett almost signed with the Warriors

Since hanging up his sneakers, Matt Barnes has carved out a successful career as a podcast host and media personality, with the “All The Smoke” podcast becoming universally loved by basketball fans. Yet on Draymond Green’s podcast, Barnes made a shocking revelation.

โ€œWe were supposed to trade Jason Richardson and our lottery pick that we had – I’m not sure it was a lotteryโ€ฆ but we were supposed to trade J-Rich and our pick to get Kevin Garnett. So it was, I had heard rumors, but I wasn’t sure until I got KG on the show, and we really got into it when he was here the other day. We were supposed to have Kevin Garnett that year, basically, for Jason Richardson.

We would have added Kevin Garnett to this young team. It was funny, we were here talking the other day, and he said to me, โ€œYou were young and wild and off the field, wild too, and I loved your energy. But I don’t know if I could have hung out with all of you. It was funny just to hear it from her mouth, โ€Barnes told Green during the podcast.

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Barnes went on to explain that Garnett was deciding between three teams in the summer of 2007, โ€œHe said his three teams were, as he called it,โ€œ that Oakland team, โ€the Lakers and the Celtics. obviously ended up going to the Celtics and winning a championship.

A story of three teams

The 2007-08 NBA season had very different results for the three teams vying for Garnett’s signing.

Sure, the Celtics won a championship, the Lakers reached the final and lost in six games, but the Golden State Warriors failed to advance to the playoffs despite going 48-34.

The Warriors roster that year included Baron Davis, Monta Ellis, Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes. Yet without a true contender such as Garnett, the team couldn’t solidify a place among the elite of the Western Conference.

Looking back, Garnett may have been the missing piece for the Warriors, but it’s unclear how a contender of this level would have fitted into a young and wild team. So it makes sense that Garnett chose to take his talents to Boston, where he would team up with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, two older veterans who were all chasing championship glory at pivotal times in their careers.

As for the Lakers, they did very well, winning championships in 2009 and 2010, but one has to wonder if Garnett’s presence sees them winning in 2008 and โ€œtriplingโ€ as a result. However, this is all revisionist history. While it’s fun to play the “What If” game and sketch out several versions of how the league would have rocked, the only thing we can be sure about is that Garnett would have won a championship in some way. ‘another one.

He was too talented and too motivated not to do it.



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