Throughout the creation of this list, analysts identified a certain problem that came to their mind: eForcing hard choices to play on lower level players is something that makes their life more difficult. Therefore, the priority of this list is to rank the easy to play champions who are also quite good, rather high. Compared to that, this particular tier list ranks the most difficult champions to play – even though they’re technically 10 times stronger – lower. To help players understand which champions dominate and which fall, here is a list of levels in the Wild Rift 2.6a patch.

the The goal is to help less skilled players improve and slowly get used to the leaderboard, as well as providing the best champions for that specific reason.

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The information was provided by Kerxx and Vindey by RiftGuides. Special thanks for their help.

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Baron Street

Leaderboards courtesy of RiftGuides

We are

In this route, Garen is probably the most relaxing and easiest champ a newbie could ask for. It is easy to pilot and very forgiving when it comes to mistakes. Unlike other murderers, Garen does not focus on the detail of the damageinstead, he wants to be as tanky as possible. That way, he can abuse his high base stats while taking a lot of damage at the same time.

But now let’s see how Garen works as a champion.

In the way, he wants to play around grabbing the immortal rune as much as possible. Whenever it’s up to him, he wants to move towards the enemy champion and ideally launch an automatic attack in combination with his first ability. After that, Garen can spin with his third ability for additional damage while also mitigating incoming damage with his second ability.

The next point is very important for winning a lot of trades: identify what the enemy champion can and wants to do. When properly analyzed, use Garen’s second ability in the best possible way.

Another thing to be aware of is his ultimate ability. Especially if when running Ignite Garen’s ability to kill enemies is really high, even though he’s technically some sort of tank. Hitting someone 50% with their first ability, ignition, and ultimate ability almost always guarantees the kill.

As the game progresses, try to become a champion. Most of the time, Garen will rush into the enemy backline to beat the enemy AD carry who will face serious problems trying to kill him. Garen’s HP bar and tank are just too much to deal with for a regular adc and so it’s mostly a one-sided fight in his favor.


Wild Rift patch 2.6a level list
Leaderboards courtesy of RiftGuides

Next comes the role of the jungle, with Evelynn in the spotlight.

This champion is also known as the demon of the soloq and she haunts all players, whether they are casual, elite or pro. The problem with this champion isn’t that she’s inherently broken in the sense of inflicting too much damage. No – the problem with her as a champion comes from her passive ability which allows her to camouflage herself after reaching level 5.

Some might think it’s not that bad, but putting it in a Wild Rift context, players will quickly realize the problem. Whenever Wild Rift players don’t see something, it usually means it doesn’t exist. How else would players explain to people who are dying the most obvious things in the game – even when they’re bonkers. They don’t care and are also unaware of what might happen to them.

So many times an enemy jungler leaves a lane just to hide in the fog of war for a few seconds. Those few seconds are usually enough to convince the laner that getting into a fight is a great idea even if they can’t be sure it’s 1v1. In a situation like this, the laner obviously dies.

Play with the enemy’s lack of awareness and abuse their mistakes during the cooldown. All Evelyn has to do for this is power farming to level 5 as quickly as possible, which is pretty easy for the champion. Then keep farming ignorant laners!

Middle way

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Once the jungle is over, proceed to the middle lane with Morgana. This new addition to the game is super easy to play and still boring to face. She can take out the first wave of 26-second minions and is free to roam wherever she sees fit. Therefore, leaving enemy raptors on a leash to disrupt the enemy’s path in the jungle is quite easy while still being able to burst the Orb of Divination and gain a vision.

Even though Morgana is content to just sit and spam her second ability in the wave during the cooldown, she still does a good job of keeping the enemy busy. To make sure Morgana players are doing it correctly, here are some guidelines. At level 1, improve his second ability. At level 2, Morgana’s first level, and at level 3, her second ability again. She doesn’t really want the spell shield unless she REALLY needs it. Morgana will be more satisfied with the extra pushing power. And this is how it grows correctly:

Make sure her second ability hits both CASTER and MELEE minions at the same time. When there is a cannon minion in place, it is REALLY important that that minion be marked with this spell as well. This way, the cooldown of its second ability is drastically reduced.

And please be aware of Morgana’s mana pool – don’t spam her first ability hoping to hit it. Manage his mana and focus on pushing the wave – everything else comes after.

Duo / ADC

Leaderboards courtesy of RiftGuides
Miss Fortune

Next up is Miss Fortune. She’s also an easy-to-play champion who is quite annoying in terms of laning. Its first ability bounces in mysterious ways and will still strike even if the angle is literally impossible.. And that’s exactly what makes her such a great champion for beginners. It’s another type of ADC, too – she doesn’t always have to fight to deal damage. Thanks to her ultimate ability, she has all the scope to impact combat safely.

Another thing players should also consider is its additional movement speed. With that she can browse the map fairly quickly without wasting too much time which is something very important considering the number of fights that occur throughout the matches. Sometimes the bounce range of her first ability is so huge that she can’t even see it on her screen. So whenever you face enemies playing with a locked camera, MF will have an easy time. Just keep spamming that first ability and their health bars will slowly but steadily fade away.


Wild Rift patch 2.6a level list
Leaderboards courtesy of RiftGuides

Last but not least is the supporting role, with something a bit exotic about it. Rather than showcasing typical enchanters or tanks supports, this listing features a mage.

It sounds pretty odd and a lot of people are going to hate it – but – if for those who want to climb as a support, they have to either impact the map OR kill their lane opponent over and over again. And what champion could be better than this than Brand. Its range and damage in the lane are quite annoying and even if you get him killed, he’ll probably drag you down with him.

All he has to do for this is spam all his abilities in your team and it is very likely that his team will win the fight. It just deals that much damage. In the lane, he should fish for hits with his second ability. It’s easy to hit and does a lot of extra damage. If that was not enough from level 2 onwards, it will put its enemies in rather painful misery. At 3rd level, although his opponents on the lane are ready for REAL trouble. Being scarred by his spells and struck by a full combo with ignite will spell the end of their demise.

In conclusion

While 2.6a isn’t such a big update, the patch has tweaked the metagame slightly. Hope this Wild Rift Patch 2.6a tier list helps organize the overall meta efficiently. But keep in mind, the priority of this list is to rank the easy to play champions who are also quite good, rather high. Compared to that, this particular tier list ranks the most difficult champions to play – even though they’re technically 10 times stronger – lower.

As with any Wild Rift tier list, treat it more as a wise ranking than a definitive hierarchy focused on a specific type of game. Of course, the informant who ranks the choices is a challenger, so there are certainly references behind the opinions.

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