Wild Rift 2022 Stream: What to Expect


January marks huge announcements for every Riot Games product. Therefore, expectations for Wild Rift 2022 news coming to Riot Stream are pretty high. While the game looks pretty complete, the developers of Wild Rift are clearly planning something bigger for mobile MOBA. The developers promise continuous improvement. After all, the year of Wild Rift in 2021 has technically served as a beta test. And they definitely tested a lot of different features, experimenting with what worked and what didn’t.

This begs the question, What should gamers expect from the Wild Rift 2022 stream?

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New champions

Without a doubt, expect new champions in Wild Rift. Every two months, Wild Rift always made this form of ad. With a large population of champions to choose from in League PC, Wild Rift simply has to pick selections from the pre-existing roster. But which champions will join Wild Rift?

A recent data breach has already revealed about five potential new additions to the game: Yuumi, Aatrox, Taliyah, Kindred, and Ornn. While no official confirmation of these champions technically exists, expect at least one of these champions to be revealed this week. It’s been a while since the last champion additions, so more champions is a very logical step for Wild Rift. Plus, these champions didn’t just come out of nowhere. Data miners discovered images and code for Champions inside the game, creating strong evidence of their arrival.

Gameplay updates

Overall, Wild Rift’s gameplay updates definitely seem very cautious and cautious. Especially since the developers prepared for the Horizon Cup in patch 2.6, a lot of gameplay updates definitely seemed to be walking on thin ice, trying to balance the meta rather than push it forward drastically. Even recently added objects, such as Banshee’s Veil, seem almost intentionally weak in order to decrease the likelihood of the object becoming dominant. But since January marks the start of 2022, now is the best time for Wild Rift to push for drastic changes.

In the leak, Infernal Rift was discovered. While this term is a bit difficult to parse and take at face value, it probably refers to the card changes that occur with the proper elemental dragon removal. This map change occurs in League PC, permanently changing the terrain after the death of the second dragon. And since Wild Rift took both Rift Herald mechanics straight from League PC, it’s very likely that they’ll take terrain changes from Elemental Drakes as well. Although this is the next part is a bit Throughout, Taliyah and Ornn both use the terrain in their kit. Taliyah’s movement speed increases next to walls, and Ornn knocks enemies down when he heads them into a terrain. Therefore, terrain changes correlate with champion leaks, which makes them quite plausible.

This rings all the more true as the base Elemental Drakes are a bit lackluster in the current state of the game, mastered by Rift Heralds early in the game. The terrain changes would be a really nice change of pace, with more emphasis on dragons to balance the power dynamics around the map.

Restoration expectations

This next part is going to be brutally honest. Wild Rift developers tend to communicate delayed changes at the wrong time. To be frank, they have a history of spoiling. So many members of the community are constantly berating the developers. Eventually, they are disappointed with the progress of the game while expecting immediate growth. But the poor communication from the Wild Rift team during these discussions with the developers doesn’t necessarily mean the game hasn’t evolved and they aren’t improving Wild Rift.

Plus, it’s hard to really expect all thing the developers have planned. Similar to the Guild feature that caught the community by surprise in patch 2.5, developers can once again throw another curveball at the community.

Comparing the initial version of Wild Rift to its current state is like comparing night and day. So much has changed for the better, but it certainly didn’t happen overnight. While the Wild Rift 2022 stream will likely provide great news, don’t expect the game to improve dramatically overnight.

In conclusion

This article is based on data mining speculation, in-game trends, and analysis of past Wild Rift updates. Therefore, take everything here with a grain of salt, as nothing is guaranteed. But even then, try to keep the β€œdining expectations” section in mind. Wild Rift has definitely improved since its initial launch. So try to trust the developers to work hard to improve the game over time. Communication with the player base has not always been optimal. But Riot definitely has the player’s best interests in mind.

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