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The beloved’s suite The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, provisionally appointed Breath of the Wild 2, is set to release at some point in 2022, and that could open the series to a variety of new possibilities. While it might be a bit early to wonder what will come next given his name isn’t even known yet, the prospect is still exciting. Regardless of the next entry in the Zelda the game series is, it has a lot going on, so hopefully it will live up to it.

Breath of the wild released in 2017, and it quickly became a huge hit due to its huge open world, stunning scenery, gripping history, and wide variety of crossing options. Its sequel is slated for release in 2022, and fans are already clamoring for its arrival, so it is shaping up to be one of Nintendo’s biggest game releases in 2022. When it does, it’s only a matter of time before the question only passes to what will be the next game. It just can’t be predicted at the moment, but until the details are known, the imagination will run wild and speculation will be unleashed.

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Let it be yet another Breath of the wild game, a remake of an older title, or even an entirely new story, the possibilities for the Zelda upcoming game BOTW 2 are vast and unpredictable. While it’s probably a long way off, fans will want to know what will happen to Link, Zelda, and Ganon after the events of the Anonymous. BOTW following. It’s far too early to make any predictions, but there are a few different directions the developers can go in once the next game hits. comes out. BOTW 2 Can correct BOTW‘s bigger issues, and the next game will hopefully get even more refined.

Zelda games after Breath Of The Wild 2 – BOTW 3

Although it may be too early to imagine a third Breath of the wild when the second is still so far away, the prospect is very exciting and should not be ignored. BOTW 2 promises a bigger Hyrule and more features than in the original, so even more on top of that fans would probably be delighted. The hype surrounding it could be even bigger than what’s going on right now BOTW 2, which is already enough to make a BOTW 3 more of a possibility than one might expect.

If a third BOTW is coming up, so it’s impossible to say what that would look like at the moment. It would probably rely on the characteristics of BOTW, and the ones that players will eventually see in BOTW 2 when her real title is revealed and more news comes out. A bigger world, more weapons, and improved traversal are strong possibilities, but other than that, it’s just too early to make any predictions. If he and BOTW 2 both stay true to the first, however, they’ll likely be a big hit with fans, and maybe even the start of a new trend among Zelda Games.

Zelda games that could be remade after Breath of the Wild 2

Link fights Ganon in The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past

If a third Breath of the wild game is really not in the cards, so another possibility is a remake of a previous game. Remakes of past games aren’t new to the Zelda series, like the recent Skyward Sword HD has proved. Remasters of older games coming to Nintendo Switch are an exciting idea, especially for a game that came out on a portable console, like Heroes of the Triforce. It’s impossible to say which one would get a remake, but there are a few to choose from. BOTW 2‘s a darker tone could mean Skull Kid, a recurring villain, will appear in a new Zelda redo.

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Triforce Heroes, A Link Between Worlds, Spirit Tracks, and Ghost hourglass are all games that have yet to receive remakes. While none of them is certain, if one is indeed in the works, they could be likely candidates. Other games that have received remakes on the Wii, such as Twilight Princess, could also be a possibility. If enough is done to rework it and make it relevant to modern games, then even the first original games could end up on the Nintendo Switch.

A new chapter in Link & Zelda’s stories could be coming after BOTW 2

Where is Zeldas Mother The Legend of Zelda

Of course, another very real possibility is a whole new game. An original title, with a new story, could be just as exciting as any other. Wild breath, or maybe even more, and might even make Zelda the protagonist instead of Link. Even if he would probably be inspired by BOTW, simply because of his huge success, he could still be new and fresh in a way that would help him stand out and be his own adventure. New features, gameplay mechanics, and maybe even a new art style could help it achieve the same success as BOTW had when it was released.

If there was a new Zelda game, it would be impossible to say what that would entail at the moment. Since the fans have reacted so positively to BOTW‘s open world, it might make another appearance, but there are few other clues to work from. There are a number of possibilities, one of which is that the protagonist is not Link, especially if Zelda is a playable character in BOTW 2. It’s far too early to say for sure, but it’s an exciting prospect and it would likely be a refreshing take on the series.

Zelda Games after BOTW – Could Hyrule have a new hero?

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Mii NPCs Mod

Of course if Zelda chooses to do something truly groundbreaking with his next title, so he could walk away from his iconic characters. The reincarnation of Link, Zelda, and Ganon is a major aspect of the series, but a game without them would be a fascinating prospect. A new main character, which players can even name and customize, could be even more exciting than BOTW 3. Without the triforce, its carriers, or Ganon’s ancient fate binding them together, players could discover a Hyrule that is truly theirs to explore.

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If a game without Link as the protagonist were to be announced, it would be impossible to predict. However, it would be nice to provide more options than the previous games and avoid The legend of Zelda stuff or copy BOTW 2. Full character customization that allows players to choose their own skin, hair and eye color, body shape, and maybe even their species if the options are open to more than the Hylians, could break the game. blonde elf mold dressed in green who Zelda is famous for. Keeping the backstory open would also allow players to imagine their own inhabitant of Hyrule, from a simple farmer to a knight in the Royal Guard. If Link is set in stone for the protagonist, then a little character customization might still do the trick. THE Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and future Zelda games well.

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Video game releases in January 2022

Video game releases in January 2022

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