Pet owners reveal dogs cause over Β£400 worth of damage to their home, new survey reveals


Owning a dog is constantly teaching him old tricks.

However, more than four in ten dog owners have “trouble” caring for their pet as a puppy – 17% of them agreeing that it is more difficult than raising a BABY.

Dog training can last a lifetime


Dog training can last a lifetimeCredit: Getty
Dogs learn a lot from other dogs


Dogs learn a lot from other dogs

A study of 2,000 people with dogs found that 30% think the first two years of owning a dog are the hardest, and 23% admit they had ‘no idea’ how much. of work required to educate a puppy.

As a result, 21 percent were left with crumbling rugs because of their disobedient pet – while one in four had to say goodbye to their chewed slippers.

Potty training, not chewing on furniture, and listening to requests like “SIT” were some of the most difficult things in training a new puppy.

And owners spend an average of 21 hours per month training after bringing a puppy home – that’s 43 minutes per day.


But it takes an average of six months of training to master the basics.

The statistics emerged in a study by pet health and insurance company Bought By Many, which found an 87% increase in behavior problems between 2019 and 2021.

His figures also show that those with puppies less than one year old are 62% more likely to report a behavior problem compared to just 16% of owners who have dogs between one and two years old.

Claim volumes continue to drop significantly after the dog turns three years old.

Sarah James, veterinary nurse at Bought By Many, said: β€œIt is well known that raising puppies takes time and requires a lot of personal effort, but it doesn’t prepare owners for how bad it can be. overwhelming.

β€œThe first few nights with a puppy can be white and messy, and the first year can seem difficult. But the good news is that homeowners aren’t alone.

“Toilet accidents or chewing are all part of the puppy’s process, and more difficult problems such as separation anxiety can be managed with time and patience – and sometimes with the professional support of trained veterinarians and behaviorists.” .

The lockdown has given thousands of owners the option of welcoming a dog into their home, but working from home can also present its own issues and behaviorists and dog trainers across the country will adapt their training courses to help. owners with the “new normal”. “

The study also found that among the five owners who got their puppies back during the lockdown, 78% were confident they would have more free time to train.

But seven in ten found that combining working from home and raising a dog was much trickier than they expected.

More than a fifth (22%) of all owners have even taken their dog to a veterinarian, trainer or specialist behaviorist to help control their pet.


1. How to walk with a leash, without pulling

2. Potty training

3. Greet people without jumping

4. How to behave when the doorbell rings

5. Learn to chew on toys and not on furniture / shoes / slippers etc.

6. Learning reminder

7. Be comfortable meeting other dogs

8. Being left home alone for short periods of time.

9. At the heel

10. To listen to the commands

11. Stay

12. To avoid biting

13. Greet other dogs calmly or stay away from them.

14. Be comfortable eating with others and not stealing food

15. Be comfortable meeting strangers

16. Sleep in bed or crate

17. Remain calm in the sight of the postman

18. Traveling by car or transport

19. Stop begging

20. To avoid being aggressive

It also emerged that owners believe their dog caused damage worth Β£ 435 to their home and belongings.

Generally, puppies are much more accident prone than adult dogs, with accident claims at Bought By Many accounting for 22% of puppy claims but only 10% of those for adult dogs.

The five most common breeds to claim in 2021 ranged from Cockerpoos and Cocker Spaniels to Labradors, Border Collies and French Bulldogs.

It comes after three-quarters of owners firmly believe some breeds are just easier to train than others, according to figures from OnePoll.

Sarah James of Bought By Many added, β€œSome dogs will have a much more willful nature than others or need more mental or physical stimulation.

β€œMy number one recommendation is to do extensive research on what type of dog is best for you, not only from a training standpoint but also in all areas of the dog’s life and your lifestyle. .

“Will you be able to walk it for as long and as often as it takes?” If you don’t have a yard, are you willing to commit to a grooming schedule to make sure your puppy comes out when it’s due? If you work from home, are you able to devote time away from your desk for training and regular engagement with your dog?


1. Cockerpoo

2. Bastard

3. English Cocker Spaniel

4. Labrador Retriever

5. Border Collie

6. French Bulldog

7. Cavapoo

8. Dachshund

9. German Shepherd

10. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Encouragingly, as your puppy gets older and you both get into the thick of it, many of the initial problems will get easier.

“There really is a breed of dog for everyone, as long as you’re up to the job and give them the attention they deserve.”

Dog owner Nick Simmons, 38, who lives with his nine-month-old Chihuahua, Mabel, in Brighton, said: β€œHaving a puppy is a lot like having a child. No one mentions the raw pieces.

β€œLikewise, once you have them, you really can’t imagine life without them.

β€œI have never known someone so happy to see me in the morning or greet me as if I had been away for years while just taking out the trash.

β€œUnconditional love, endless fun, and tons of personality more than make up for the occasional accident or utter destruction of a work relationship when your back is turned.

“The training pays off, the patience pays off and what you get in return is way more than I expected.”

Puppies Teeth But Should Never Bite


Puppies Teeth But Should Never Bite
Try to understand your dogs' queues and the signals they need to go to the bathroom


Try to understand your dogs’ queues and the signals they need to go to the bathroom
It's a dog's life


It’s a dog’s lifeCredit: Getty
Let your dog get used to being left alone, but make sure he doesn't get bored or stay too long


Let your dog get used to being left alone, but make sure he doesn’t get bored or stay too long
Try to keep your dog from jumping on people


Try to keep your dog from jumping on people
Each dog has its own day


Each dog has its own dayCredit: Getty

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