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    AJ Mast / Associated press

    The final three NFL playoff spots will be awarded on the last day of the regular season.

    The AFC wild card race will have to wait until the last game of the season to be settled. The Week 18 clash between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Los Angeles Chargers took place on Sunday night.

    Las Vegas and Los Angeles are two of the five remaining teams in the AFC wild card hunt. That list could be reduced to four if the Pittsburgh Steelers lose to the Cleveland Browns on Monday night.

    The top half of the AFC standings will also be sorted in Week 18. The Tennessee Titans need a win to secure the No.1 seed and the Buffalo Bills must win to claim the title. from AFC East.

    In the NFC, the San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints battle for last place in the playoffs. San Francisco is with a win, while the Saints need a 49ers win and loss to claim their place in the playoffs.

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    Heads of Division

    1. Tennessee (11-5)

    2. Kansas City (11-5)

    3. Cincinnati (10-6)

    4. Ox (10-6)

    The Tennessee Titans will claim home ground advantage and the AFC’s No.1 seed with a victory over the Houston Texans.

    Tennessee moved up to first place after the Kansas City Chiefs lost an exciting game to the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 17.

    Cincinnati won the AFC North with their victory on Sunday and edged the Buffalo Bills on the basis of the conference record tiebreaker.

    The Bills are the only AFC division chief to have yet to win a title. They can do it on Sunday with a win over the New York Jets. Buffalo leads the New England Patriots thanks to the divisional record tiebreaker.

    The AFC’s top four teams could stay in that order heading into the playoffs, as they will all face eliminated teams in Week 18.

    Wild card race

    5. New England (10-6)

    6. Indianapolis (9-7)

    7. Los Angeles Chargers (9-7)

    8. Las Vegas (9-7)

    9. Pittsburgh (7-7-1)

    10. Miami (8-8 – eliminated)

    11. Baltimore (8-8)

    New England are the only AFC team in a wild card position guaranteed to make the playoffs.

    Bill Belichick’s side are expected to beat the already eliminated Miami Dolphins in Week 18 to retain the No.5 seed, which could come with a rematch against the Bills.

    The Dolphins are one game behind on the last wild card spot, but were eliminated on Sunday. They have head-to-head losses to the Indianapolis Colts and Las Vegas Raiders. They couldn’t make the playoffs if all three franchises finished at 9-8.

    Indianapolis needs a win over the Jacksonville Jaguars to advance to the playoffs. This will likely happen as a loss confirms the Jaguars will have the No.1 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

    The winner of the Raiders-Chargers game will secure the 14th and final place in the playoffs. The Chargers won the first game of Week 4 by two touchdowns.

    Pittsburgh can stay alive with a win over the Cleveland Browns on Monday night, but it needs help at a few different places to get into the playoffs.

    Baltimore must beat Pittsburgh in Week 18 and get help from Jacksonville to stand a chance of making it into the seven-team squad.

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    Michael Ainsworth / Associated Press

    Heads of Division

    1. Green bay (13-3)

    2. Los Angeles Rams (12-4)

    3. Tampa Bay (12-4)

    4. Dallas (11-5)

    The Green Bay Packers got the home court advantage in the NFC with their victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday night.

    Green Bay has week 18 and the first round bye to rest their players before they embark on a Super Bowl race.

    The Los Angeles Rams can confirm their place across Green Bay in the NFC playoff bracket with a win over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

    Los Angeles needs one more win to wrap up NFC West. The Rams could also claim the division title thanks to a loss for the Arizona Cardinals to the Seattle Seahawks.

    The Dallas Cowboys will likely be the NFC West second-place team’s first-round opponent, meaning we could see a rematch of Sunday’s clash between the NFC East winner and the Cardinals. .

    Wild card race

    5. Arizona (11-5)

    6. San Francisco (9-7)

    7. Philadelphia (9-7)

    8. New Orleans (8-8)

    Generic NFC scenarios are very easy to follow.

    San Francisco comes in with a win over the Rams or a loss for the New Orleans Saints to the Atlanta Falcons.

    New Orleans is part of the seven-team squad thanks to a victory combined with a loss of the 49ers.

    Philadelphia would be the No.7 seed if the 49ers advance and the No.6 seed if the Saints succeed. The Eagles have a head-to-head loss to San Francisco and a win over the Saints.

    Arizona are locked in the No.5 seed as long as the Rams beat the 49ers. The Cardinals can win the division and turn the Rams into a wild card with a victory over Seattle and a victory for the 49ers.

    Los Angeles are on a five-game losing streak against the 49ers, so there’s a chance the Cardinals and Rams will return and the Rams will travel to Dallas for the wildcard round.


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