New Soothing Playlist Aims to Comfort Frightened Pets on New Year’s Eve


Loud fireworks can trigger panic in pets. While some dogs find it difficult to relax on New Years Eve, the free ROXi TV music app has just released a soothing digital playlist to help comfort scared animals.

With new research finding that 71% of UK pets become stressed or restless on December 31, it’s important to provide dogs with a safe haven away from anxiety-provoking fringes.

The new playlist – which was created in collaboration with companion animal behavior specialist Professor Peter Neville – features 175 minutes of songs specially curated for pets. From ‘I do not know why‘from Norah Jones to Robbie Williams”To feel’, the suggested melodies can keep dogs and cats calm with their calming melody and visual video content.

“Cats and dogs have a much sharper sense of hearing than humans. So the loud explosions, crackles and hisses are probably surprisingly audible over an even wider range than we know as humans, “said Professor Peter Neville. The Subway.

“The loud noises and flashing lights of fireworks can look different every time, yet explode at different intervals, so dogs and cats can’t get used to the same way they do.” get used to the noise of traffic or flying planes. , for example. So these playlists could help make a big difference for our pets on New Years Eve. “

the dog looks out the window and watches the fireworks

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In other news, animal charities are urging people to rethink the use of colorful fireworks on New Years Eve. The RSPCA has received more than 10,000 fireworks complaints since October, an animal behaviorist from the association explaining that it is becoming a “crisis”.

“We are hearing even more about it because people are now using fireworks at home due to the various lockouts,” Rosie Taylor-Trigg of the RSPCA told BBC News. โ€œWhen people do exhibitions at home, they terrify several animals – wildlife and pets – and there is also a human impact, if you watch your beautiful animal in immense distress – self-injuring, biting its fur – that’s a huge problem. “

It is always better to participate in a large fireworks display rather than having one in your backyard. If you can, go for silent fireworks such as the Fountain Fireworks and Catherine Wheels.

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