Down on the Farm: Wild is well-represented at upcoming World Juniors


The United States won the 2021 event, beating Canada in the gold medal game by a 2-0 margin. Finland beat Russia 4-1 in the bronze medal game.

In this year’s tournament, host Canada will highlight the Group A game in Edmonton, with Finland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria, while the United States will spearhead the group. B in Red Deer with Russia, Sweden, Slovakia and Switzerland.

The relegation round will begin on January 2, 2022 before the semi-finals. The gold and bronze medal games will be played Jan. 5 in Edmonton. A full tournament schedule can be found here.

The Wild will be well represented at this year’s tournament, with six prospects ready to skate for their respective countries.

Defensemen Ryan O’Rourke and Carson Lambos will represent Canada while teammate Jack Peart was a late addition to the United States roster.

Up front, the Wild have Pavel Novak for the Czech Republic and Marat Khusnutdinov for Russia.

The Wild also have goalkeeper Jesper Wallstedt who is expected to play for the Sweden squad.

Half of those six were selected by the Wild in the 2020 NHL Draft (O’Rourke, Novak and Khusnutdinov), while Wallstedt, Lambos and Peart were Minnesota’s top three picks in the 2021 NHL Draft. .

Here’s an update on how each of the six players representing the Wild at the upcoming World Junior Championships is doing this season in the latest edition of Down on the Farm, presented by Just Bare:

Marat Khusnutdinov

Position: Cheeky

Age: 19

Height: 5-11

Weight: 175

Country: Russia

Rough draft: 2020, 2nd round (37th overall)

Team / league 2021-22: SKA St. Saint Petersburg / KHL

Statistics 2021-22: 29 games (4-7 = 11)

Bomber failure: “He’s had a really good season. He’s been a very important part of SKA at times and at 19 in this team it’s pretty impressive. He plays in all situations and played a lot of minutes there. , especially early in the season.

β€œWe’re very high on him. Very good speed and that speed allows him to play a 200-foot game. Still on the right side of the puck and he can play both center and wing. He played. on the wing there, mainly, for the whole season with SKA. We love him as a cross because of his speed and ability to play every 200 feet. But we’re excited about him. He’s had a very good season and we expect him to perform very well at the World Juniors. ” – Brad Bombardir, Wild Director of Player Development

Carson lambos

Position: Defense

Age: 18

Height: 6-1

Weight: 196

Country: Canada

Rough draft: 2021, 1st round (26th overall)

Team / league 2021-22: Winnipeg Ice Cream / WHL

Statistics 2021-22: 19 games (5-13 = 18)

Bomber failure: β€œHe was injured in the three weeks leading up to World Junior Camp, so he hadn’t played in the previous three weeks, and I give him so much credit because he was so focused off the ice and in. his preparation for camp. . He did all he could to prepare, prepare and be in good health to go to camp in Canada. I was at this camp and I watched our guys play, and I thought Carson was one of the better performing defensemen in this camp. And that is there is a lot to be said for a child who has been away the previous three weeks and had no gambling experience in those three weeks.

“He’s doing a really good job with his shortcomings and he’s a player. He sees the game very well.”

Pavel Novak

Position: Before

Age: 19

Height: 5-9

Weight: 170

Country: Czech Republic

Rough draft: 2020, 5th round (146th overall)

Team / league 2021-22: Kelowna Rockets / WHL

Statistics 2021-22: 24 matches (13-18 = 31)

Bomber failure: “He’s leading [Kelowna] in points and goals he has a shooting mentality and we like that about him. He likes to shoot pucks at the net and he’s pretty efficient there, so that’s what he’ll have to do, certainly for the rest of the season in Kelowna and at the World Juniors.

β€œWhat’s important for him is that he has to keep playing with speed. He always has to be on the move because he’s not a big kid, so he has to find those little pockets where he can get pucks and make himself available offensively, then deliver pucks to the net. That’s his talent, and that’s what he’s good at. All of these teams want these kids to come in and play with their strengths, and that’s something Pav is going to have to do for them. – It’s a bomb

Ryan o’rourke

Position: Defense

Age: 19

Height: 6-1

Weight: 180

Country: Canada

Rough draft: 2020, 2nd round (39th overall)

Team / league 2021-22: Soo Greyhounds / OHL (captain)

Statistics 2021-22: 21 games (3-16 = 19)

Bomber failure: “He’s been a captain for the last two years, and that’s pretty impressive. He got the ‘C’ at 17, so when you have a captain that’s that age, they’ve got 20-year-olds playing in that. league and you have a 17-year-old as captain, that says a lot, it feels good to come back [to the Soo]. We saw him play at the American Hockey League level last season … and it’s just a different league. You play against men in this league, and some of these guys, you see them differently as players of this age, playing in the American League. And now you watch him come back to play with his peers and he’s had a really good season. He is the leader of this team.

β€œHe’s really competitive. He loves competition, he likes to play at the limit. Hopefully we’ll see that at the World Juniors on his part I would expect him to play a stopping role there when he gets the chance to play, and we can’t wait to see him. play that role there. ” – It’s a bomb

Jack peart

Position: Defense

Age: 18

Height: 5-11

Weight: 185

Country: United States

Rough draft: 2021, 2nd round (54th overall)

Team / league 2021-22: St. Cloud State University / NCAA

Statistics 2021-22: 12 games (2-8 = 10)

Bomber failure: β€œWe were very happy that they found a way to at least add him to the camp and knowing Jack we were not at all shocked that he went there and made the squad a few days later. The kid is a player and he’s so competitive. We really love his game. He’s such a fluid player, he easily picks up the pucks, gets them out of the defensive zone to the north and he has a really good hockey IQ. . Soft, calm feet, he controls the puck very well, even on the offensive blue line. He has a very good feeling with the game.

“We are so happy that he has this opportunity and we give him all the credit because he went to this camp and he won in this team by the way he played. And rightly so, he has been a very good player for St. Cloud so far this season. ” – It’s a bomb

Jesper wallstedt

Position: Goalie

Age: 19

Height: 6-3

Weight: 215

Country: Sweden

Rough draft: 2021, 1st round (20th overall)

Team / league 2021-22: Lulea HF / SHL

Statistics 2021-22: 17 games (9-8-0, 1.82,, 923)

Bomber failure: β€œWe weren’t entirely sure how many games he would play, especially at the start of the season. He’s only 19 and for a goalie of that age, playing in the SHL isn’t that typical. extremely happy with this opportunity and the fact that he is taking the opportunity given to him. He’s just had a really solid season and you would have been struggling to find another goaltender in the SHL, at this age, who has had the number of games he’s played and the numbers he’s been able to publish. Certainly not perfect, he has areas to work on, but he plays for a very well-trained team so that helps.

“They don’t score a ton [in front of him], but to be honest, in our discussions this summer, we thought it was an advantage for him as he would be challenged in those games and he would play in a lot of close-scoring games. He had to do that sometimes, and a lot of games in this league are like that. So for us, it’s a plus for him to be in these high pressure games for his development. ” – It’s a bomb



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