Derek Acorah’s wild life – football career, fakery claims and bitter co-star feud


It’s been two years since Derek Acorah died, and his friends are still waiting for the so-called psychic to contact them from beyond the grave.

His friend, medium Micky Vermooch, said, “Derek loved his family. He and his wife were devoted to each other. I know for a fact it won’t be long before he makes his mark.

“He’ll find someone he wants to get in touch with and say, ‘Derek has arrived in the Spirit World.’

β€œI don’t think it will be too long before this happens. He will want them to know he is safe.

“In terms of returning the spirit world, I would say he’s got a head start – his faith is everything.”

The star died of sepsis after a severe pneumonia attack on January 4, 2020, at the age of 69.

Derek Acorah died two years ago at the age of 69



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He was famous for playing on the paranormal show Most Haunted and for sparking outrage when he claimed he made contact with Madeleine McCann and she was dead, but his first job was actually a footballer .

In his youth he played for Liverpool and even claimed to have contacted former club boss Bill Shankly from beyond the grave, but his athletic career was cut short by injury and so he focused on the being a full-time medium.

Derek claimed he had his first contact with the other side when he was six, when he saw his deceased grandfather in his grandmother’s house, who was also a psychic.

He has worked on shows such as Psychic Lifetime, Predictions and Antiques Ghost Show.

In 2001, he landed a spot on Haunting Truths, which eventually became Most Haunted, hosting the ghostly investigative show alongside Yvette Fielding.

But their working relationship and friendship ended when she accused him of faking spiritual possession.

Derek died of sepsis after severe pneumonia attack


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He called his former co-star “selfish” and “big head” after she revealed how he fell in love with a cutout scene.

While filming a 2005 most haunted episode in Bodmin Gaol, the show’s resident skeptic Ciaran O’Keeffe left a notorious South African jailer Kreed Kafer’s name on a piece of paper and had spoken of his identity within earshot of Derek.

When the cameras started rolling, Derek claimed to be possessed by Kreed – but Ciaran later revealed the man was in full makeup and his name was an anagram of β€œDerek Faker”.

When the bite was discovered, Derek left the show and Yvette said the following year, β€œWe tell people everything is real and then it turns out it was a fake, so he had to go. “

Her comments sparked a war of words with Derek, who said, “She decided when I left the show that she didn’t want to talk to me anymore. It wasn’t necessary and it was very sad.”

He attempted to reverse the Kreed Kafer scandal, blaming his “spirit guide” Sam, a ghostly presence who helped him contact the spirit world.

He starred in Most Haunted with Yvette Fielding


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“I would just like to say about virtually all psychic activity, I rely on my Spirit Guide whom I call Sam, but sometimes I lean heavily on my own Spirit Guilds which are a custom of my surroundings and atmosphere. I’m in, ”Derek said in 2006.

β€œWhen I was possessed, I don’t remember any of the actions of whoever took me or those around me. On that occasion when the Kreed Kafer spirit came to me, I can say that I had, yes had been taken by an entity, but the identity would have been other than that of the name which came from me.

“One explanation for what may have happened is that the spirit that embarked on me heard one of the crew mention the character of Kreed Kafer and this individual took that name by fraud. or because many people in the very distant past did so, not having names, so this entity decided to use the one they heard.

“Another explanation is that I heard the name of Kreed Kafer in passing, and when I took the spirit on board, I made a real mistake and mistakenly associated that name with the spirit. I am human and I can make mistakes, especially when I am under pressure to read or to be taken over by an authoritarian entity.

Derek was accused of pretending when he was tricked by a skeptic


Living TV)

“However, I have a lot of success in the spiritualist realm and believe that I am a true medium. I am sorry if any of my lovely fans were offended by this mistake.”

To make matters worse, Derek then fell into the trap of another of Ciaran’s tricks in the very next episode when he claimed to communicate with a ghostly presence called “Rick Eedles” – an anagram for “Derek Lies”.

The producers asked Derek to quit the show, and in 2015 Yvette took the mediums out of Most Haunted altogether.

β€œWe found psychics in the restroom on the internet. We found them talking to friends to get information for them. They didn’t remember they had a microphone on and we could hear everything,” he said. she told Radio Times.

β€œI was annoyed because I wanted to believe them, but I couldn’t after seeing this. It was really upsetting for me.

“You have to be very careful with people like this. Until they are proven, I will remain skeptical!”

But Derek didn’t drop the deal, telling the Belfast Telegraph in 2015 that Yvette was “jealous” of her success.

“It doesn’t matter what people like Yvette Fielding say – I don’t allow them to put me down,” he insisted.

The friendship between him and Yvette ended abruptly



Derek argued that Yvette was just jealous of her success


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“I was crucified and lied; there is a lot of jealousy, but I haven’t opened my mouth about Yvette in years – I had a confidentiality clause and if I said something negative, I would have been sued and sued and all my money would have been taken. “

He added, β€œThese were lies to discredit me because I was leaving Most Haunted to do my own program, Derek Acorah’s Ghost Tours.

“But I have had enough and I will speak in my autobiography. The lawyers are examining it carefully but Yvette Fielding has no foot to stand on.”

Their friendship never recovered from the brutal fallout, but Yvette posted a message of condolence when Derek passed away regardless.

β€œOur condolences go out to Derek’s family at this time,” she tweeted.

Derek’s wife Gwen said she would not contact him via media


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The star claimed to have contacted Madeleine McCann



Derek also came under heavy criticism in 2012 when he claimed the missing Madeleine McCann was “in the spirit world” and was forced to apologize to his parents Kate and Gerry McCann.

He claimed he was β€œmisquoted” by The Sun, which published the original interview in which he was quoted as saying, β€œI know his parents are convinced Maddie is alive and I’m so sorry. – but the little one has been in the spirit world for a while. “

He added, β€œI don’t think she’ll be around for long before she reincarnates.

“When children who haven’t had a full life die, I think they choose when to come back in the same form – like another little girl.”

During his denial, Derek said he would fly to the Portuguese resort town of Praia da Luz, where the three-year-old girl was missing, to see if “the spirits” could help find her.

Gwen says her life with Derek was enough and she doesn’t want to contact him from the dead


Echo of Liverpool)

“I am ready to go to Portugal to help find Madeleine. I will go to the place where she disappeared and see what I can recover,” he told the Daily Mail.

“I would ask the spirit world in the area what happened and whatever I found out, I would pass it on to the police to help me with their investigation.”

“I hope and believe that Madeleine is alive.”

When asked why it had taken him five years to offer his services to the Portuguese Missing Persons Team, Derek replied that he had not wanted to interfere with other mediums.

“It was in my head to go find Madeleine when she disappeared for the first time, but there were already four mediums there,” he insisted.

“I was in excess of need and I’m not going to step into another medium’s field.”

After Derek died, his widow Gwen stated that she spoke to him as if he was there, but did not want to speak to him through a psychic.

“I trust he is fine. My life with Derek was enough,” she said.

“I will remember him with every breath I breathe.”

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