Broad Arrow Farm Presents a New Alternative to Takeout


The Broad Arrow Farm opened in Bristol on December 11.  The farm recently reinstated its Suppah club with tacos on Tuesday and a burger night on Thursday.  (photo by Bisi Cameron Yee)

The Broad Arrow Farm opened in Bristol on December 11. The farm recently reinstated its Suppah Club with tacos on Tuesday and a burger night on Thursday. (photo by Bisi Cameron Yee)

Broad Arrow Farm recently introduced two new take out dinner options. And breakfast sandwiches on Saturday mornings.

Since mid-November, patrons of the Farm Market at 33 Benner Road in Bristol can take a break from the kitchen with the latest iteration of Broad Arrow’s “Suppah Club”, featuring tacos on Tuesday nights and burgers on Thursday. .

Tacos are inventive and likely to evolve depending on the proteins available and the inspirations of the chefs.

Customers can generally choose from two different varieties. Previous options included pork and poblano tacos with tomatillo salsa and pickled red onions; mole spiced butternut tacos with garden greens and queso fresco; pulled pork carnitas tacos with pickled red onion, cilantro and lime; lengua tacos topping the tongue of beef with salsa verde, onions and thin strips of radish; and lamb birria tacos with a red pepper embers.

Birria tacos are more than a trend on TikTok, they have a long history in Mexican cuisine. Birria tacos are filled with cooked meat, and the shells gain additional flavor by being soaked in the stew and then deep-fried.

Burger nights usually have three choices. The pork โ€œsmash burgerโ€ with cheddar cheese and grilled onions is thick, juicy and flavorful. Beef and Bacon Burger topped with Gouda has the bacon ground into the beef. Caramelized onions and tomato jam add a sweet touch to the salt and savory protein. And the lamb burger is well thought out, with complementary flavors of arugula, red onion, and harissa mayonnaise.

Don’t skip the fries. They’re cooked in premium pork lard with deliciously crispy results. Maybe even buy an order for the trip home so they can be enjoyed hot and fresh from the fryer.

The Saturday morning โ€œSammies Breakfastsโ€ feature ingredients such as farm-fresh eggs, homemade sausage or smoked ham, local cheeses and tomato jam, over baked scallion and cheddar cheese cookies. homemade or English muffins. A rectangle of crispy hash browns with lard and seasoned with thyme, garlic and onion is available as a side dish.

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Dan and Maggy Sullivan bought Broad Arrow Farm in 2014 and have built the business ever since. Broad Arrow is primarily a pig farm, although they do raise meat birds including chicken, duck, and turkey. The adjoining store mainly offers local produce, meats, cheeses and vegetables grown or made on farms in Maine.

Their vision involves a fully integrated experience with all butchery performed on site and community cooking with dishes prepared by the chef.

The farm continues to innovate to produce meal options that meet the needs of the local community. They offer heat and eat take out dinners like lasagna and meat pies. And there have been various iterations of the โ€œSuppah Club,โ€ which began in response to COVID-19. The โ€œClub Suppahโ€ allowed the farm to continue serving customers with quality meals that they could safely eat at home or, depending on the season, as an alfresco dining experience on the farm.

Chef Dustin Martin has been working at Broad Arrow Farm for approximately 18 months. He spent 12 years working in restaurants in Maine, including Primo in Rockland. There is no shortage of the โ€œimmediate demandโ€ for restoration. In his current position, he has time to slow down, to think about menus and preparations, time to breathe.

Chef Omen Viele is originally from western Massachusetts and worked in restaurant kitchens for 20 years, including eight years in Portland at Fore Street and Five Fifty-Five. Viele said he had exhausted himself in restaurant life and after learning how to butcher meat at the Rosemont Market, he pursued a trajectory of combining farm and table. He has been cooking at Broad Arrow for four years.

According to Martin and Viele, there is more to come. They are planning more outdoor events next year as they continue to assess the needs of the community.

But one of the lessons of the pandemic is the wisdom of a cautious approach. While Martin and Viele have big aspirations for the chef-led operations at Broad Arrow Farm, they don’t want to expand too much. They want to grow in response to the business.

According to market manager Anna Hymanson, tacos and burgers do the trick. They are “easy to make, super accessible, and showcase the protein we offer.”

And, editorial note, they are delicious. Don’t skip the fries.

Broad Arrow Farm will be open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on December 22 and 23, and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on December 24.

Regular hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, starting December 27 with the Suppah Club’s hours of operation from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and breakfast sandwiches are available. available from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays.

Orders can be placed by calling 207-800-4550.


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