The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has many fine weapons that players can use in their quest to reclaim Hyrule Castle from evil Calamity Ganon, and while many are expected to make an appearance in the sequel, many more would be better left out. While some weapons are likely a given for the next title, like the iconic Master Sword and Torch Practice, most are currently in the air. From the simple traveller’s spear to the all-powerful Great Thundersword, there are many weapons that can be transferred to BOTW 2, although not all should.

weapons in BOTW work differently than in most Zelda Games. They only have limited durability, so they need to be replaced often so that players avoid being left defenseless against the fearsome creatures of Hyrule. These weapons can be found just about anywhere, and if it’s the same way, BOTW 2 the biggest problem might be having too much. They can be looted from enemies, found in chests, or even picked up from the ground. The simplest, a tree branch, can be found by chopping down almost all of the small trees in the game. Each of them will help Link on his journey, but some will do more than others, and a few will be better left. where the player found them.

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Almost all guns are a fan’s favorite. There is a wide variety to choose from, giving players different playstyle options. If they want to be a savage berserker wielding a heavy, bone-reinforced wooden club, then they can, and if they want to be. a quick and nimble sword wearer, then they can do that too. The only real problem with BOTW weapons is their durability. The litany of different weapons is part of what makes the game so great, and BOTW 2 will hopefully follow in his footsteps. However, not all of the weapons from the first game should be in the next one, and a few stand out.

Eightfold blade and long blade should come back in BOTW 2

Breath of the Savage Eightfold Blade

While they might not be as powerful as the Main Sword, the Eightfold Blade and the Eightfold Long Blade are both still good weapons, especially early in the game. With an attack power of 15 for the sword. One-handed blade and 32 for the Long Blade, they are a step up from the other basic swords found in the early parts of BOTW. Additionally, the Longblade has a unique charge attack that causes Link to dash forward instead of performing a spinning move. They are also good looking and make players feel like real Sheikah warriors when wielding them. They might not be as powerful as other weapons in BOTW, Like the sword of the six wise men, but they are still good for the early parts of the game.

Breath Of The Wild’s Soup Ladle Should Be Banned From BOTW 2

The Breath of the Wild Pot

There are a lot of guns in BOTW that come from ancient civilizations or dynamic cultures, and the Soup Ladle is not one of them. Among the many weapons Link can use in the fight against Calamity Ganon, one is a ladle used to brew and pour soup. It has an attack strength of 8, which, to be fair, isn’t the worst in the game, but it’s still no match for the majority of other weapons. And frankly, it’s more than a little ridiculous. The point is, the Soup Ladle is a gadget weapon, most likely included as a joke by the developers. There is no real reason for this to be in the game, and doing it twice would be doubly unnecessary. BOTW 2 should avoid stuff like this so that it can include more viable weapons.

Zelda: Lynel Weapons set to return in BOTW 2

Breath of the Wild Lynel

The Lynels are some of the toughest foes in the game, perhaps just behind the bosses and the enormous Molduga. They also carry some of the best weapons, including a one-handed sword, spear, bow, and the mighty two-handed crusher. Getting one after a hard fight is a major and well-deserved perk.

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Wielding the Lynel weapons against the various monsters of Hyrule, knowing that they are the result of a fierce victory, gives great satisfaction. The weapons are also very aesthetic and make players feel wild and fierce as they go through the forces of Calamity Ganon. These should definitely make a comeback in BOTWFollowing.

Weapons of the Royal Guard shouldn’t come as a result of Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild Royal Guard Sword

The Royal Guard weapon series is a set involved in “The Royal Guard’s Gear”, one of BOTW 76 side quests. While they’re extremely powerful (some of the best in the game, actually), they also have very poor durability and don’t last long. Additionally, they can only be found within the walls of Hyrule Castle, the final phase of BOTW. Their rarity and short lifespan make them unusable for a very long time, especially since by the time players reach them they will already have plenty of other powerful weapons that will last longer. They are best used to obtain gems by exchanging them with Parcy in order to cultivate gems.

Botw’s phrenic arc set to return in next Zelda sequel

Breath of the wild phrenic arc

The phrenic arc is an arc made by the sheikah in BOTW. While not very powerful, it stands out from other bows by allowing players to zoom in on targets while using it, which comes in very handy. This bow is a large BOTW stuff that isn’t technically cheating, but sometimes feels like it. Being able to hit enemies with an explosive arrow from long range or shoot them with a quiet and precise headshot are two perspectives that should greatly excite players, and if such an option is not available in BOTW 2, it would probably be a missed opportunity. The phrenic arc is even more practical when it comes to guardians, especially the flying variety. Hitting them in their vulnerable eyes with ancient arrows from a sure vantage point eliminates the danger of confronting them.

Stal Weapons should stay out of BOTW 2

Breath of the Wild Stalkoblin

The Stal are perhaps among the most frightening enemies of BOTW, and the weapons they drop are no less. The Bokoblin, Moblin, and Lizalfos weapons are weapons from the reanimated skeletons of common enemies and unfortunately are some of the weapons Link can use against their living counterparts. They correspond with BOTW scariest clothing and armor sets, but not really good for much. Their attack damage and durability are both very low, so they’re not very useful in combat, even when wearing the Radiant or Phantom Ganon suits. These weapons are macabre, bordering on derangement, and the fact that they move even after the monster they came from has been killed a second time makes them even more so. THE Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild Would do well to leave those weapons out of his suite.

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