Breath of the Wild 2 Should Take an Archery Lesson From Horizon Zero Dawn


Blockbuster releases in any medium can change the entertainment landscape, leading to a deluge of films inspired by Star wars Where Halloween, or games inspired by Dark souls. However, sometimes the creative process is akin to a convergent evolution with several works published at the same time that are remarkably similar. The films of 1998 Armageddon and Deep impact are a good example, and in video games there are few cases clearer than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Breath of the wild is credited with revolutionizing modern open world titles, which has led to dozens of new, comparable releases: Genshin Impact, Sonic borders, and more. However, the resounding success of Guerrilla Games Horizon Zero Dawn released just a week before Switch 2017’s launch title. Both post-apocalyptic games have huge natural worlds that players explore but find crawling with corrupted machines, and they share smaller mechanics like Slowdown. time as their protagonists notch arrows in the air.

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There are substantial differences between the two, with Breath of the wild leaning towards free exploration like Horizon Zero Dawn develops a deeper narrative, but it’s clear the studios each drew from similar sources. Now The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and Horizon: West prohibited should be released in 2022, with Horizon‘s Shieldwing apparently mimicking the functionality of Zelda‘s Paragliding. Breath of the Wild 2 should also assume some of the Horizon Zero Dawnbetter ideas, with archery being an area that needs to be improved.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Archery

Archery link in BoTW

One of the biggest complaints filed at Breath of the wild is his weapon durability system. Nintendo encourages players to frequently change the weapons they use by breaking almost everything (the Master Sword and Hylian Shield being major exceptions). Sword and shields, spears, two-handed weapons, and magic tools all work differently, so players become a jack-of-all-trades as they journey through Hyrule. Arcs are no different.

Every bow Link can pick up Breath of the wild durability varies from basic wooden bows to royal guard bows. Some abilities vary, such as the Yiga Clan Duplex Bow and Lynel Bows which shoot multiple arrows at once, or the Phrenic Bow which zooms in when used. Breath of the wildS weapons can also come with modifiers that do everything from increasing damage or durability to increasing the number of arrows that can fire at a time (from three to five).

While the attributes and modifiers for an individual bow may change, ammo is universal. Link collects basic arrows alongside Fire, Ice, Shock, Bomb, and Ancient Arrows, all of which interact with the environment in different ways. For example, explosive arrows are internal in the rain, but shock arrows will become more effective. As mentioned earlier, players can slow down time by shooting an arrow through the air as long as their stamina holds up, and headshots (or hitting critical weak spots like a keeper’s eye) results in double damage. .

Horizon Zero Dawn Archery


Horizon Zero Dawn is built around archery as a core mechanic, meaning its systems are more complex – offsetting less developed melee combat. Aloy can purchase various bows from vendors (using Metal Shards and other key components scavenged from machines), and these aren’t the only ranged weapons available to him. She can expand her arsenal with tools like the Rattler that fires multiple bursts of projectiles, Tripcasters that set traps, and Slings that drop bombs.

Because Aloy has been a trained hunter from a young age, Horizon Zero DawnThe gameplay emphasizes stealth and precision. She can lure enemies into exploding trigger wires, stealthily finish off opponents quickly, and target many weak spots that deal more damage and break machine components. Horizon Zero Dawn Also has a skill tree, which means that Aloy’s inherent abilities increase over time.

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Contrary to Breath of the wild, ammunition is not universal in Horizon Zero Dawn. Some bows can use elemental arrows that deal fire or ice damage, for example, and these will often be more effective on specific machines. Thereby, Horizon players are encouraged to equip multiple bows and other weapons for different circumstances, and each weapon can be modified to improve skills in certain areas.

Breath of the Wild 2 should learn from Horizon Zero Dawn ammo crafting

zelda breath of the wild 2

Since the archery systems in each game have different weights, it’s hard to say Breath of the Wild 2 should screen its mechanics for Horizon Zero Dawn roughly, or vice versa. However, one thing Horizon gets well which could easily result in the following The legend of Zelda the game is its ammunition economy.

In Breath of the wild, Link must collect arrows by fighting enemies, opening certain chests or buying them in stores. If he runs out of arrows in the middle of the fight, players are out of luck – they have to teleport to a colony or farm arrows at the next opportunity. Horizon Zero Dawn Allows Aloy to craft ammo bundles on the fly if players prefer not to use their finished fast travel packs. Basic arrows can be crafted with Ridge-Wood and Metal Shards, and all other arrows as well as Sling or Tripwire ammo can be crafted with Machine Parts.

Considering Horizon Zero Dawn depends on accuracy, it is a boon for players of all skill levels. Newcomers can replenish their most important resources if they struggle to reach a machine’s weak spot, while veterans can easily take out the hordes and never have to return to a store. Breath of the wild May not encourage accuracy in the same way, but it’s still no fun running out of supplies given how often players can spam arrows at a monster’s head to deal stacked critical damage.

Both titles are survival games that encourage exploration, and in that regard, it makes sense that Breath of the wild leave arrows a limited resource. However, Breath of the Wild 2‘s Link will be a seasoned survivor, and his focus on collecting ingredients for systems like cooking would easily translate into crafting arrows on the fly. Like Aloy, Link could even use monster parts to forge special arrows, making enemies like Chuchus much more valuable. If these series are set to continue their series of similarities, this would be a good way for Nintendo to learn from its competition.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 released in 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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