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The use of DLC in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was intended to increase base play options and add new adventures, and it is possible that a similar set of expansions could be part of Breath of the Wild 2 after its next release. However, while DLC can be beneficial, Nintendo may need to come up with the expansion in a different way and make the content more worthwhile for the investment, if it is to perform well. The extension pass for Breath of the wild was an expensive addition and mostly added armor instead of story, making both packs empty and brief.

DLC has become a common way for indie and AAA games to expand the content of previously released games. The content could add new maps, questlines and characters to the scenarios already existing in the game. In the case of some games, the DLC has even been tweaked to contain the true endings of a title’s story, like we see it in Dragon Age: Inquisition, forcing players to pay for the expansion to actually complete the game. When used correctly, DLC is a great way to increase the longevity of a title, but unfortunately in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, This was not the case. With only two expansions released in the lifespan of the game, many were hoping that the β€œExpansion Pass” would significantly increase the base gameplay with new objectives. Instead, both DLC packs were bogged down with cosmetic items instead of significant playable additions.

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While Breath of the wild hasn’t pushed its Expansion Pass DLC value, it could still be a useful feature when the announced sequel releases in the future. BOTW 2 has yet to receive an official release date, but many are hoping for more details on the release, content, and DLC in the coming months. By learning from the mistakes of Breath of the wild first DLC, Breath of the Wild 2 could use the DLC pass to add new scenarios, mini-quests and areas to explore. It could also introduce new features to the game, like more houses to buy on the map or new combat mechanics. By using the DLC to expand the core gameplay and not just add collectibles, it could dramatically increase the longevity of the game’s lifecycle to come.

BOTW failed to effectively use DLC expansions, but BOTW 2 may fix this issue

Zelda Breath of the Wild DLC

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, players can get 2 DLC expansions – The master’s trials and The ballad of champions. The extension pass for Breath of the wild will cost players $ 19.99 on top of the $ 59.99 for the base game. This makes all the content in BOTW a painful $ 80. While many would say the base game’s price is well worth the hundreds of hours of gameplay it can provide, that’s not the case with DLC expansions.

In The master’s trials, players can access a combat challenge called “The Trial of the Sword”, the “Hero’s Path” track tracker for the Hyrule map, the Master difficulty mode, as well as a variety of portable items and of armor. While “The Trial of the Sword” and the Master difficulty are both nice additions to the game, the other elements of the expansion are much less useful and could have been added as a free update rather than as part of the game. of something paying. In The ballad of champions, Players have access to a dungeon challenge that unlocks the Master Cycle Zero for Link to hover over Hyrule. Players also interact with Bard Kass, who reveals more information about Champions of Hyrule. Like the previous DLC, this expansion also includes new portable items for Link and his horse.

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While both expansions contain some things players may find interesting, neither add much to the overall gameplay. New map locations have not been introduced and plot points based on full scale DLC are not included. For many, this could make investment in the BOTW DLC feels like a frustrating waste of money for a handful of collectibles and a few combat challenges.

Breath of the Wild 2 could use DLC expansions to add new scenarios

Link plummeting through the clouds in the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer.

While nothing is yet known about the plot or challenges players will face in Breath of the Wild 2, the prospect of DLC for the game after its release could still be exciting if Nintendo changed the way it was done in the previous game. Instead of releasing DLC ​​focused on game modes, combat challenges, and collectibles, Nintendo could enhance the core gameplay with a whole new map to travel to. The map could have its own side story, with new characters to meet, items to seek, and puzzles to solve. The DLC could also introduce new side quests all around Hyrule instead of just in one or two locations, giving those who are done with the main storyline new reasons to pick up the game again.

Nintendo should also consider excluding collectibles such as armor, unless they are found through quests and storytelling specific to the DLC expansion. These can instead be bundled into micro DLC packs for BOTW 2 purchased outside of the Expansion Pass that scatter new chests with collectibles around the map. This will help prevent big DLC ​​packs from becoming nothing more than prop bloated content additions. It also allows players to specifically purchase the packs with the items they want at a cheaper price, or to focus entirely on the expanding DLC. Breath of the Wild 2the story of.

Currently, BOTW 2 has a release date of 2022, although nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo regarding this information. Hopefully more news starts to arrive after the next big is released. Pokemon Title, PokΓ©mon Legends: Arceus, which is slated to launch in January 2022. For now, fans have gotten a glimpse of the potential gameplay via a few trailers and minimal detail during Nintendo Direct broadcasts, including the ability to soar above from Hyrule. It is not clear when the new title takes place in relation to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but it’s likely that players will once again have to face terrifying forces to protect Hyrule and explore a vast map with exciting new adventures.

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