One of the best sports cars for auto enthusiasts looking for a light, track-friendly ride is the Toyota GR86 and its twin Subaru BRZ. In an age when rear two-wheel drive and manual transmissions are scarce in cars, the GR86 offers both. In most areas you won’t see a lot of GR86 cars on the roads as they are one of the rarest Toyotas of them all.

By Blitz

Blitz concept pieces

Although the GR86 is not particularly common, many owners want to customize their vehicles for more style and performance. A Japanese company called Blitz has announced a full line of GR86 concept parts to improve styling and performance for road and racetrack. The company offers a range of upgrade parts for the vehicle interior, under the hood, suspension and body kit components.

Under the hood

Components under development include a Carbon Power air filter, which is a cold air intake with a conical filter on the end with a carbon fiber body that has what appear to be red silicone connectors and a Carbon fiber filter housing with red anodized components. While the cold air intake is certainly nice under the hood, it’s worth noting that these components rarely add horsepower unless they require engine readjustment. The company also offers a carbon suction kit, but it’s unclear exactly what that is. It may be the pieces of carbon fiber at the end of the cold air intake covering the filter – but details released by the company so far are scarce.

By Blitz

Blitz currently offers blue or red silicone hoses to replace the basic black rubber under the hood. Additionally, it is developing a racing oil cooler kit and racing radiator to help keep temperatures under control during heavy use. Keeping a vehicle cool on the racetrack, especially in hot weather, can be tricky, which is why many track day enthusiasts start with cooling upgrades.


Going fast won’t do you any good without the brakes to slow you down. Blitz is currently developing a Big Caliper Kit II with six pistons for the front and a Big Caliper Kit II with four piston calipers at the rear. While prices aren’t mentioned, large brake kits tend to be some of the most expensive modifications you can make to a car, often costing thousands of dollars.

By Blitz


Blitz has several suspension components currently on sale to improve handling of the vehicle, including a ZZ-R SpecDSC Plus Damper Kit, ZZ-R Damper Suspension Kit, Miracle Camber Adjuster, Miracle Stroke Adjuster, Stabilink Adjuster, Front and Rear Strut Tower Bars, Rear Swing Arm and Rear Suspension Arm. The pictures show that at least one of the suspension kits is a coilover kit.

By Blitz


Another item that people like to upgrade on their vehicle is the exhaust system. Exhaust systems are not known to add horsepower, but they can reduce vehicle weight and improve sound. Blitz is developing a full titanium NUR-Spec F-Ti Quad Model exhaust system. Titanium exhaust systems are common for exotic automobiles because the material is significantly lighter than the typical stainless steel exhaust system used by car manufacturers.

By Blitz

Electronics and gauges

One of the parts being developed by Blitz promising additional power for the car is the Power Thro. The component is listed as electronic on the manufacturer’s website and claims to control throttle response and the air flow sensor on a naturally aspirated car to improve horsepower.

By Blitz

It is also listed as a boost pressure controller for those who are considering supercharging their GR86. In addition, the device adds driving modes and, with an additional component, can deactivate the engine start / stop functionality. While the component is under development, it is listed for 50,000 (approximately $ 435).

A triple stroke gauge panel is also in development, including a vacuum gauge, an oil temperature gauge, and an oil pressure gauge. Knowing the oil pressure is essential to maintaining a healthy engine during heavy use on a racetrack.

Body kit

Blitz’s most noticeable improvements for the car fall within the components of the Aero Speed ​​R-Concept body kit. These components include a new front bumper spoiler, side spoiler, rear bumper, front fender and rear fender. Blitz also offers a large rear spoiler for styling and possibly to improve downforce at the rear of the car.

By Blitz

The front and rear fenders are particularly interesting because they give the GR86 a wide look. Typically, track fans use front and rear fender extensions to cover larger wheels and tires to improve grip on the race track. Wider, stickier tires are among the best improvements for better handling and better lap times.

By Blitz

Indoor jaws

Blitz also offers accessories for the interior of the car, including a different steering wheel, gearshift knob and handbrake cover. It’s unclear if these will come in different colors, but pictures show them in anodized red and leather.

Other elements

While Blitz doesn’t manufacture them, for those wondering about the other components seen on the vehicle in the pictures, the company details what the concept car uses. The wheels are ENKEI Racing Revolution RS05RR 18 × 9.5 front and rear wheels. The tires on these wheels are Dunlop Direzza AIII 255/35 R18 front and rear. The interior of the car features Bride seats.

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