Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 3 hours

Total Time: 3 hours 20 minutes

Servings: 4



2 tbsp. olive oil

1 (2 lb) boneless beef chuck roast, cut into 2-inch cubes

1 tsp. ground black pepper

3 tsp. kosher salt, divided

One yellow onion, chopped

Six cloves garlic, chopped

2 tbsp. harissa

2 tbsp. tomato paste

1 cup dry red wine

1 (28 oz.) can of crushed tomatoes

One bay leaf

1 lb pappardelle pasta, cooked and drained

grated Parmesan cheese for serving



In a big Dutch oven, heat the oil to medium-high. Add two tsp of salt and pepper to the chuck roast seasoning. Working in batches, if required, sear the meat for about 10 minutes until it is browned on both sides. Transfer to a big plate after being removed from the Dutch oven.

Onion is added while the heat is still on medium. Cook for 8 minutes while often stirring until softened. Cook the garlic for approximately a minute, stirring regularly, until fragrant. Tomato paste and harissa should be stirred in at this point. Cook for about two minutes, stirring regularly.

Pour in the wine and heat for about 5 minutes, reducing it by two-thirds while scraping out any browned parts with a wooden spoon. Add tomatoes, a bay leaf, chuck roast, and the final salt. Stir well. Turn the heat down to medium, then cover. Cook for about 2 1/2 hours, stirring now and again, until the meat is soft, the sauce has thickened, and the flavors have melded.

Get rid of the bay leaf. Share the meat from the Dutch oven with two forks on a cutting board. Add pasta to the saucepan after adding the heart back in. Add grated Parmesan cheese on top.